Day 7: Phoenix Island to Chau Doc

Today it rained, a lot, torrential, Asian monsoon style rain. It started just before lunch and when I asked Boo if he thought it was just a shower or something bigger, he stared at a pond to see how the rain fell. It was heavy rain that made little air bubbles on the surface of the water which disappeared after a second. This meant that it was the type of rain that hangs around for an afternoon.

He was right, of course. We wore bright blue waterproof jackets and trousers, sunglasses and face masks to protect from the elements. It was a nice change from the heat and humidity and possibly the first time I have felt cold since arriving in Vietnam. During a brief dry spell we passed a family on the side of the road who were growing mushrooms under piles of hay. They looked delicious and yet such a strange place to be farming. Today I also noticed how many houses are being built using wooden sticks for scaffold. They look so spindly like they’re going to fall over.
Boo and I had our last supper together this evening which was a bit sad but totally delicious. Thin strips of beef and ladies fingers which we barbecued ourselves over hot coals on the table. Along with rice and salad and honey barbecued chicken wings – delicious!
I can’t quite believe I’m going to be in Cambodia tomorrow!