Day 4: ?? to Dong Xoai

Breakfast today included a baguette with bread and jam, followed by an enormous avocado from a seller on the side of the road.They eat avocados like a fruit here, and this one was the best I have ever tasted. It almost felt too indulgent biting into it and gobbling down huge chunks!
We covered a lot of distance today, at least 240km, which is a hell of a lot for 2 bottoms on one bike. Surprisingly we also had lots of interaction with locals which proved funny for them and me.
A cute old lady cuts bamboo which may ultimately end up in tins and on a supermarket shelf. She insists on talking to me in Vietnamese even though I clearly don’t understand. Boo isn’t great at translating so we sit laughing at each other. I learn that ‘Anh’ means I’m English.

Some very friendly women and children shelling cashew nuts smile at us as they work. I feel like some colonialist checking on my staff, but I’m mesmerized by how quickly they work in the heat, even the young boys.

Boo pulled over on the side of the road to show me how plywood is made. I’d never though about it before, but it is simply lots of thin layers of wood compressed together. A lovely team of workers were busy lifting and chopping wood. When they saw my camera they insisted on posing for me and then bursting into fits of laughter. This chap was a real character!

We’re nearing the hotel when Boo pulls over again this time to buy a corn each to snack on. We also purchase some more passion fruit from these girls who are more than happy to pose for a photo with me between bouts of giggles.