Day 5: Dong Xoai to Saigon

At 4pm we arrived at Boo’s mother’s house. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed ever since. But in a good way. Firstly I met his 3 year old son Ben, who is so incredibly cute and fragile. He’s not well and visits the hospital once a week, he’s terribly thin for his age. However, he has a lot of character and obviously loves to see his dad. Continue Reading

Day 4: ?? to Dong Xoai

Breakfast today included a baguette with bread and jam, followed by an enormous avocado from a seller on the side of the road.They eat avocados like a fruit here, and this one was the best I have ever tasted. It almost felt too indulgent biting into it and gobbling down huge chunks! Continue Reading

Day 3: Dak Lak to ??

I woke up for the first time at 5am to the sound of cockerels’ making their sunrise squawks. I managed to sleep through this for a while until at 6am I woke again, but this time to the sound of an enormous engine rumbling under the long house. I slept for another hour before I woke to the screams of a mother cautioning her kids – it was time to get up. Continue Reading

Day 2: Dalat to Dak Lak

Two key lessons were learnt today; always keep my head behind Boo’s in case of kamikaze dragonflies on a suicide mission, and just in case, keep my mouth closed too. Today we diverted from the well trodden tourist path and instead I am beginning to experience the ‘real’ Vietnam (if there is such a thing). Continue Reading