Bangkok Again . . .

I arrive at the bus stop ready for Bangkok and there is 1 seat left, right in the middle at the back. Not too much of a problem apart from the fact that there is no air con and that the gangway is completely chocka block with bags. I have to climb over bags, seats and people and then squeeze myself in. This lasted for 6 hours, including 3 stops where we all had to climb on and off – fun! Continue Reading

Angkor Wat and Back to Bangkok

Another bus journey later and I arrive at Siem Reap, the town closest to Angkor Wat. The town itself is nothing special, so I decided to chill out at the hotel for the evening and recover from the bus journey. Chilling out however is made impossible due to the hundreds of mosquitoes buzzing around my room. I try to hide under my blanket and pray I’m not bitten to death during the night!

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Day 7: Phoenix Island to Chau Doc

Today it rained, a lot, torrential, Asian monsoon style rain. It started just before lunch and when I asked Boo if he thought it was just a shower or something bigger, he stared at a pond to see how the rain fell. It was heavy rain that made little air bubbles on the surface of the water which disappeared after a second. This meant that it was the type of rain that hangs around for an afternoon. Continue Reading

Crossing over and Phnom Penh

Arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia after 3 hours on a speed boat and another hour on a bus. My first impression is that Cambodia is incredibly flat. There are no hills or mountains to be seen for as far as the eye can see. In the city there are no tall buildings so it’s even trickier than most Asian cities to navigate.

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