Bangkok Again . . .

I arrive at the bus stop ready for Bangkok and there is 1 seat left, right in the middle at the back. Not too much of a problem apart from the fact that there is no air con and that the gangway is completely chocka block with bags. I have to climb over bags, seats and people and then squeeze myself in. This lasted for 6 hours, including 3 stops where we all had to climb on and off – fun!
Finally arrive in Bangkok early evening and it actually feels like home. Having been here 4 times now, I’m really familiar with the Banglamphu area and after all of the new places and sites, it’s a relief to get back here.
I spend a few days lying by the pool, getting as many massages as I can fit in and pampering myself before the flight home. It feels a bit unreal that I’ll be home in just a few days.